Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tag - You're It

I was tagged by Suzanne Stengl in her blog Tuesday Cafe with the Lucky Seven Meme.  She posted seven lines starting at the seventh line from page seven of her soon to be published novella - The Ghost and Christie McFee.

I had the opportunity of reading an early draft of Suzanne's book and it's great.  For me, it's really cool how Suzanne drew on Annie Hamilton and Otto Dredger, two of the characters from my book, Death at Bandit Creek and gave them a whole new story.  

Follow this link to Tuesday Cafe to read an exerpt from Suzanne's book.  If you do, I'm betting that you'll be buying it on August 1.

Okay, now for the meme:  Here are seven lines from my book, Death at Bandit Creek:

Luc felt the barb of Ty’s criticism. “I did a pretty good job of lining the brands up,” he said.
“We don’t want a fight with Dredger, Luc.”
Luc thought about Ty’s words. Dredger had always caused trouble for their father and now he wanted to steal their calves. Luc turned to his brother. “We’ll get these calves on the train out of Bandit Creek today. We’ll take them along with the yearlings.”
Ty muttered something. Luc knew Ty didn’t want a range war. Men like Dredger took the law into their own hands. Lynching for cattle theft wasn’t unheard of, especially back in the days before the new century.
I am tagging seven authors.  They have all published books in the Bandit Creek series and I am challenging them to post seven lines from their books:

Steena Holmes

Shanna Gekko

Trip Williams

Alyssa Palmer

Brenda Sinclair

Pamala Yaye

Vivi Anna